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Kinking up Teen Wolf fandom one fic at the time :)

This is a multifandom blog, with Teen Wolf/Sterek taking up most of the space.Fair warning: I'm anti-Stalia, so if you like the pairing, it probably isn't a good place for you.
I'm taking prompts for Sterek fanfiction! Just use askbox.

Sometimes I post NSFW fiction or graphics - proceed at your own caution.

My queue is on all the time, so new posts don't necessarily mean I'm online.

This blog is and will always be LGBT friendly. Take it or leave it.

When a new day reaches dawn
I feel it’s worth the wait
But I tumble and I fall
When up against my fate

Kamelot - Rule The World

Teen Wolf character themes ♦ Derek Hale

The sun, the moon, the truth.

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grantgust The Flash premieres in just 19 days. We’ve all been working hard ‘round the clock. I can’t wait to see what it all looks like. I hope you guys all enjoy it..

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Teen Wolf - A Summary


Season 1: What the hell is wrong with Scott?

Season 2: What the hell is wrong with Jackson?

Season 3a: What the hell is wrong with Lydia?

Season 3b: What the hell is wrong with Stiles?

Season 4: What the hell?

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this. might. hurt.

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"I think you two make a pretty good pair."

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Send me a show/fandom and ill answer - 

Top 5 favourite characters:
Other characters you like:
Least favourite character:
Favourite friendship:
Favourite family:
Favourite episode:
Favourite season/book/movie:
Favourite quote:
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest:
When it really disappointed you:
Saddest moment:
Most well done character death:
Favourite guest star:
Favourite cast member:
Character you wish was still alive:
One thing you hope really happens:
Most shocking twist:
When did you start watching/reading:
Trope you wish they would stop using:
One thing this show/book/film does better than others:
Funniest moments:
Couple you would like to see:
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast:
Most boring plotline:
Best flashback/flashfoward if any:
Most layered character:
Scariest moment:
Grossest moment:
Best looking male:
Best looking female:
Who you’re crushing on (if any):
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you:
At what point did you fall in love with this show/book:

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The journey is coming to an end…
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You’ve got to believe it’ll be alright in the end

[for Eli <3]

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"My last question is about your tweet. Your last tweet about your pillow." [x]

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viwan themes